With Emerald City taking out a whole week every year just to celebrate its cocktails, it's safe to say that the town is quite fond of its drinks and is on the lookout for a new taste every weekend. If you agree with that, allow us to be the bearers of some good news: This summer, you'll get to say hello to a new tiki bar in Seattle!  

Called Inside Passage, you can expect this tropical treat filled with tiki cocktails right next door to Rumba on Capitol Hill. 

In fact, thanks to just how popular the Wednesday Tiki Nights are at Rumba (they have over 650 sugar cane spirits and the oldest rum bottle in existence, you guys), its owner decided to make the party bigger with this new spot. 

Narcity has reached out for more details and we'll update this article as soon as we know.

While the details are still in the works, here's what we do know: This new watering hole will be inspired by the seas of the Pacific Northwest. 

So, getting there will make you feel like you're taking a trip to Atlantis.

It'll not only be fashioned like an underwater grotto but you'll have to enter through a passage to get there!  

One look at the mermaid-themed bowls, flaming takeout boxes filled with booze, Pirates of the Carribean-esque octopuses on mugs, and punchy umbrella drinks, we can confirm this:

The drinks are going to be as exotic as they are massive, so you won't be complaining. 

To soak up those zesty spirits, there'll even be a menu of sunny, Caribbean-inspired food. Sound like an island vacation yet?

Watch this space for more updates on Seattle's own boozy Atlantis, with boozy bowls you'll want to dive right into. 

Inside Passage Seattle

Price: 💸💸

Address: 1108 Pike St., Seattle, WA 

Why You Need To Go: You can get exotic cocktails at this underwater-themed tiki bar in Seattle this summer.