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This BFF Date Deal In Seattle Will Let You Sip On Booze & Make Zen Gardens For Cheap

Plant night. 🍷🌱
BFF Date Night In Seattle Should Include Creating Your Own Succulent Zen Gardens

Who said that spending some quality time with your BFFs has to be an expensive affair? You can go to a classy event and have just as much fun on a budget with this deal for a cheap date night in Seattle. You'll be able to sip on booze while making your own tiny terrarium gardens!

We spotted this Groupon deal for a thrifty way to share a unique experience with your pal while becoming a plant mom/dad. 

Yaymaker is offering up a coupon for Plant Nite. With over 63,815 reviews, it has also earned the title of being one of the "best-loved deals of the year," so we know this isn't an April Fool's joke. 

With admission, you can create and decorate a succulent arrangement or tiny terrarium for two whole hours while letting your creativity flow just like the booze. You'll have to pay extra for your drinks though.

After purchasing the deal, you'll have to visit the website and redeem the coupon for a Plant Nite in any city. 

In Seattle, we spotted that these events usually cost $45 to $48 per person. So this $27 coupon could be the steal you've been looking for. 

You can pick from events like "Pick Your Paris Planter," where you'll arrange your saplings around an Eiffel Tower statue pot. 

There's another one where you get to use wine glasses or bottles, seashells, and glitter to bring these plants to life!

Others include fairy lights, lanterns, macrame or moss-ball hangers, and air plant holders that you can mount on walls. 

These events can be held at any bar or restaurant across the city and don't include the price of booze. 

You'll also need to be over 21 and have a valid ID for events that have liquor in them. 

They, however, don't seem to have a limit on how many vouchers you can buy. So gather all your friends, this night is about to get "plantastic!" 

Plant Nite

Original Price: $45

Sale Price: $27 per person

Why You Need It: You can create unique zen gardens while sipping on booze with your friends. 

Buy It

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