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Seattle Has A New “Candle Bar” & It's Perfect For A BFF Date Night

There's a never-ending wall of over 90 scents to choose from!
Handmade Candles In Seattle Can Be Created At This "Bar" & It's Perfect For Date Night

Whether you pour fragrant oils or soothing bath salts in your bubble bath when you slip into the tub, it's safe to say that we all love delicious smells. Handmade candles in Seattle are all the rage right now. But did you know that Emerald City has an actual "candle bar" where you can make your own? We're so excited, we can nearly smell it! 

Located on Pike Street in Capitol Hill, the Elm Candle Bar is not your typical fragrance shop. This one lets you whip up your own, yummy-smelling candles from $27 for 8 ounces to $37 for 12 ounces. 

They aren't snooty about reservations either. In fact, this doesn't require careful planning like your usual brunch. You and your friends can walk right in and get started. 

As you walk into the Hygge-esque store, you'll be greeted to a massive WALL of over 90 fragrance oils. A "smell sensai" will let you write down all your favorite aromas — no one will judge you if it's cookies 'n' cream or lavender. 

You then get to pick your own jar, the color of wax, make it a one-wick or three-wick item, and design the label.

The jars are so cute, you can reuse them too. 

If you just want to create your own smell, you can even pick an empty spray container, diffuser or a wax tart even!

You'll then get recommendations from the specialists on what might smell good, but ultimately, you get to pick what you want. You can see more of what to expect from the process here

All the wax and oils you'll get to use are free of preservatives and dyes. The candles are all made from natural soy wax too.

Erin Page, one of the co-founders, told Narcity that the idea was to give the Seattle area something experience-based. "I traveled to Paris and got to experience custom perfume-making and fell in love with it. So, we combined the idea with candles — something affordable while fun to create," she notes. 

Thanks to some of their scents like pumpkin spice, roasted chestnut, brown sugar, baked bread, basil, chocolate, and peppermint bark, it's super easy to mistake it for dessert. 

We've seen people act like they're in a candy store here. While we don't blame them, smell it, people, don't eat it! 

It usually takes anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes to take your goodie out the door. So, consider exploring the neighborhood.

Hint: There's everything from this magical "wishing tree" that only locals know about and an Anthony Bourdain-approved speakeasy behind a doorbell to a spot where you can chug champagne from flute bongs, right around the corner. 

So, next time you want to celebrate Galentine's Day or date night, or you and your roomie are just bored on a rainy Wednesday, you know where to NOT make plans, but go. 

Elm Candle Bar

Price: $27 to $37 to make your own candle

Address: 910 E Pike St. Seattle, WA 

Why You Need To Go: This custom "candle bar" allows you to make your own from scents that you've picked! 

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