We all know Lizzo as the bold and beautiful self-love queen. But did you know she also has a heart for philanthropy? Lizzo donated meals to the University of Washington Medical Center's ER staff, proving she really is that one hundred percent that generous.

According to Kiro7 News, the Grammy award-winning artist sent lunches to workers on Monday to say thank you for working out on the front lines. 

She wrote the most heartfelt message in her Instagram caption. "S/O to our heroes ❤️ https://covid19responsefund.org/ 👈🏾to donate if you can ❤️"

 "I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you’re doing during this pandemic, she said." 

"It’s definitely not easy and you guys are putting yourselves on the front lines, so, because of that, I wanted to treat you all to a meal and I really hope you that you guys enjoy the food."

UW Medicine shared the lunches they had received on social media. In the photo posted on Twitter, five smiling workers each held up a sign that spelled out "Thank you Lizzo. ❤ UW Medicine"

We're not crying; you're crying. Brb. We might need some tissues.

UW Medicine was one of several hospitals across the country to receive a special gift from Lizzo.

Her video montage also noted the Montlake Emergency Department and Vanderbilt University Medical Center among the recipients.

Henry Ford Hospital in her hometown of Detroit also tweeted thank you for providing their emergency room staff with a delicious lunch.

In her video, Lizzo said, "We wanted to send lunch to hospitals across the country, to show our appreciation for the medical workers."

During times of need, it's so wonderful to see celebrities giving back. And from the looks of things, queen Lizzo has plenty of good vibes and positive energy to go around.