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This Washington Model Gets Mistaken For Meghan Markle All The Time (PHOTOS)

The likeness is unreal!

Have you met your real-life doppelganger yet? For some people, it's just a matter of time before you find out you have a famous twin. And in this case, one Washington model says she has been told "plenty of times" that she looks just like a member of the British royal family. This Meghan Markle lookalike has even had people come up to her to say the likeness is uncanny. What a compliment!

In an exclusive interview with Narcity, Hayden Dunham, 20, told us that people have gone up to her many times to tell her she looks exactly like the Suits star.

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Lizzo Just Blessed Seattle Medical Workers With Free Lunches For Their Hard Work (VIDEO)

She wrote them the sweetest message. ❤️

We all know Lizzo as the bold and beautiful self-love queen. But did you know she also has a heart for philanthropy? Lizzo donated meals to the University of Washington Medical Center's ER staff, proving she really is that one hundred percent that generous.

According to Kiro7 News, the Grammy award-winning artist sent lunches to workers on Monday to say thank you for working out on the front lines. 

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YouTube Star Tati Westbrook Shares Her Story While On 'Self-Quarantine' In Seattle

It's the positivity we need. ❤

While many celebs are encouraging social distancing, we're particularly loving the update from this American internet personality. Tati Westbrook is self-quarantined in Seattle and she's sharing the positivity we all need right now. TBH, we could all use some more uplifting stories.

The star posted a 24-minute update on her life to her YouTube channel yesterday, revealing she's been in self-quarantine for three weeks now.

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We Found The Mischief Man Behind The Fremont Troll’s Mask

Emerald City landmarks are getting a coronavirus makeover.

It seems like everyone in Seattle is sporting some kind of coronavirus protection, and the Fremont Troll is no exception. An image of our famous monster wearing a blue medical mask has been going viral and the whole city is obsessed. The question on everyone's mind: Is it real or Photoshop? We got in touch with the man behind the mask to get all the details. 

"I saw the news where a couple of tourists in Seattle were wearing face masks," photographer Brian David Casey said in an interview with Narcity. "Then my creative mind kicked in and came up with the idea of going around to the famous Seattle landmarks in my neighborhood and putting masks on them."

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The Seattle Seahawks Are “Making History” With A Second Rookie Dinner For $23,670

It included super-rare bottles of vintage bourbon!

Dropping big bucks during the holidays may be a tradition, but the NFL team from Emerald City seems to enjoy the splurge. After racking up a bill of $17,500 at a rookie dinner earlier this month, the Seattle Seahawks just had a second rookie dinner, this time "making history" for $23,670! 

The bill from Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue, a team favorite, was posted by Seahawks cornerback, Shaquill Griffin to his insta stories. 

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Ciara Was Spotted Doing The “Cowgirl Boogie” At This Underrated Seattle Landmark

And it's giddying! 🔥

We all remember Blanco Brown's viral hit from earlier this year, thanks to the line dance that achieved meme status, he had us all doing. But now, it's a celebrity's turn. Busting some serious moves, Ciara danced to The Git Up Remix, and it's getting a lot of attention.

The R&B singer posted a video of herself earlier today shuffling at Hat 'n' Boots in south Seattle. Now, the choice of location makes all the sense in the world given the country rap song's rodeo association. 

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