Cartoons are for adults too, and it gets especially interesting when your city is featured in one. Everything from the Emerald City's bars to museums has made appearances on shows like The Simpsons one too many times. Seattle was on South Park last night, and Redditers had more than a thing to say about it. 

It all started when a Reddit user posted an Imgur shot of a scene from season 23, episode 10 titled "Christmas Snow." Barefooted people in (very) colorful clothes seemed to be staging a demonstration on Seattle's streets for "legal cocaine." 

But that's not what caught Puget Sounders' attention. Redditers jumped to discuss the city's fashion choices. "Need more hoodies," one of them commented to maximum upvotes.  

"And blue hair," "No one is even wearing black!" "Yeah, and matching Colombia jackets..." and "Not a flannel in sight, poor representation! Lol" were all popular reactions. 

"There's definitely too much colorful clothing," another Redditer noted, hinting to the city's love of monochrome.  

The city's appearance on the adult cartoon isn't too surprising 'cause Seattle not only has an area called South Park but the co-creator of the show, Trey Parker also owns a home here. 

Some of them even bounced the discussion around to the city's homelessness problem that's been making headlines nationally.

The issue has been grabbing so many eyeballs that the Guns 'N' Roses' bassist Duff McKagan wrote a song about it. 

Camps of homeless people living in tents is growing in the city, and it didn't go unobserved that the scene from the cartoon didn't seem to represent it.

Redditers chimed in saying, "(Needs) More tents on the streets", "Not enough tents in the background." Ouch.

from SeattleWA

Well, whatever it is, we heart our city and love that the Pike Place Market and the iconic Space Needle made it on the show.

from SeattleWA

Although, like some of the other Redditers, we'd sure like to know where you can get a shot of both these tourist hubs in the same frame! 

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