The year is coming to an end, and winter is almost here. But, that doesn't mean you have to stay in Seattle and hide under your Northfaces until March. 

With the holidays upon us and plenty of year-end planning to do, nothing beats a pre-packaged vacation. Websites like Groupon and even Costco have taken the legwork out of crafting the perfect itineraries by offering all-inclusive vacation packages with everything you need for an epic adventure. 

We've made it even easier for you by compiling a list of some of our favorite budget-friendly deals available now. Choose your destination, book it, and enjoy! 

Note: Prices may vary by dates and times booked.

Retreat to the SLS in Las Vegas 

Price: From $138 per personDuration: 2 nights

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Sometimes Vegas is the perfect escape--especially when you stay in a gorgeous hotel for an insanely affordable price. This package includes roundtrip airfare and hotel, leaving you plenty of money for the casinos! What better way to end a trip than coming home with more money than you arrived with?

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Okay, so we know that's not likely to happen, but on the upside, they do give free drinks if you sit at the slot machines long enough!

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Stay in a Costa Rican palace

Price: From $699 per personDuration: 3 or 5 nights

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Hotel Riu Palace is a ritzy 4.5-star resort that has everything you need for a fully pampered vacation. With tennis courts, beach volleyball, a day spa, and five restaurants onsite, you can relax knowing that there is nowhere else you need to be, and you're already exactly where you want to be: paradise. Choose from a 3 or 5-night package to create a vacation you'll remember for years to come.

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Unwind in Los Cabos

Price: From $649 per personDuration: 5 nights

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This oceanfront resort gets you all the benefits of a foreign beach escape without the sticker shock. Once you arrive, everything you need is covered in the cost, including fresh seafood, theme parties, pool time, and margaritas to your heart's content (or your liver's threshold).

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These funky woven loungers will keep you comfy between dips in the pool. After a few pitchers of margaritas, you can just slip into a siesta here until someone eventually shakes you back to consciousness. The ocean is a short stroll from the resort if you can make it--close enough to walk out barefoot wearing nothing but a swimsuit and a smile--and there are more chairs on the sand ready for beach lounging and further napping.

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Go on a guided tour of Hong Kong and Taiwan

Price: From $1,499 per personDuration: 7 or 8 nights

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This trip is truly one for the bucket list. It has a 4.5 rating from over a thousand traveler reviews. Explore Hong Kong and Taiwan with seasoned guides to give cultural context to destinations as you experience them.

Activities include visiting a Buddhist monastery, exploring Kenting National Park, and visiting the Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung (pictured below). This market opens at 6 pm and reveals a nightlife unlike anything in Washington--where tourists shop at night for handmade crafts, cameras, knives, fresh seafood, and even live animals. While we don't recommend buying any live animals, this popular attraction is sure to offer some intriguing options for souvenirs.

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From hot springs to national parks, museums and sacred temples, and awe-inspiring cityscapes, you're sure to have a transformative experience.

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Take a dream cruise through the Bahamas and Caribean  

Price: From $524 per personDuration: 7 nights

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As if there weren't enough reasons to love Costco, this deal comes from the same people who brought you the 5-pound drums of cottage cheese and lifesize teddy bears. Yes, now your Costco membership can help you get bangin' deals on vacation packages too.

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Explore Bali

Price: From $999 per personDuration: 7 nights

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This trip has a 4.5-star average from over a thousand reviews. It's no wonder, as this trip takes you to visit the place that inspired the "love" in Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love. While you might not find yourself seduced by Javier Bardem as you sip cocktails in the tropical heat, you may find your own story to love here.

See the rice fields in Ubud, shop for unique Christmas gifts at the Night Market, and soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Indonesia! This all-inclusive Bali vacation is the perfect way to close out 2018 in true wanderlust style.

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Escape to an island in Mexico

Price: From $549 per personDuration: 3 or 5 nights

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Book a 3 or 5-night vacation at Mia Reef Isla Mujeres in Mexico. Chill on the white sand, play in the water, and enjoy the peaceful realization that your most important decision today might be whether you want a lime or a strawberry margarita.

The truth is, you don't have to choose, because you can order both! All beverages--including the boozy ones--are included in this epic vacation package. Now, that's something to drink to.

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See the Northern Lights in Alaska

Price: From $1,349 per personDuration: 5 nights

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Witnessing the Northern Lights is one of the most spectacular and rare phenomena that a person can see in a lifetime. On this trip, you'll see them on two different evenings from two separate locations, allowing two opportunities to capture this incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, for you, this will be a twice-in-a-lifetime experience!

Also known as "Aurora borealis" in the northern hemisphere (and "Aurora australis" in the southern hemisphere), this otherworldly light display is caused by electrically charged particles from the sun colliding as they enter Earth's atmosphere. Pink and green are the most common colors, but purple, red, and blue have also been reported. With two chances to view them, you're likely to see a range of colors.

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You'll also get to see rural Alaska from the famous Alaskan Railroad and visit wildlife at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center or the zoo, depending on your travel dates.

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Adventure in Vietnam

Price: From $999 per personDuration: 7 or 10 nights

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This trip takes you through Vietnam with an option to explore Taiwan. You'll get a balance of city and natural beauty, allowing you to see the area from different perspectives and appreciate its diverse cultural landscape.

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Travel through China

Price: From $599Duration: 11 nights

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This guided tour will take you on an unforgettable journey through some of China's most astonishing and famous landmarks. You'll see a mix of historical sites including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, as well as natural wonders like West Lake.

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Stay on the famous Queen Mary boat in Long Beach

Price: From $413 per personDuration: 4 nights

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This vacation from Cheap Tickets is an ideal winter getaway for those of us in the chilly PNW. You'll get to enjoy the Calfornia sun without the fast-paced bustle of Los Angeles--although it could be a fun day trip if you want to rent a car while you're there!

The price includes airfare, plus four nights on the historic Queen Mary--a luxury ship built in the 1930's that's hosted such guests as Bob Hope and Winston Churchill and carried troops in World War II before retiring to the harbor in Long Beach.

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The ship now serves as a floating hotel and event venue. A visit to the Queen Mary at Christmastime is especially festive, with the vintage charm of the boat coming to life with vibrant decorations and holiday entertainment.

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Stay at a luxury resort in Cancún

Price: From $949 per personDuration: 5 nights

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Indulge in complete relaxation at the trendy Ocean Riviera Paradise in Cancún, Mexico. This vacation has all the things you think of when you imagine a tropical escape.

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You'll get a free scuba diving lesson, all meals and drinks at your choice of ten restaurants and twelve bars (including four swim-up bars), aqua fitness, and watersports. You might want to extend your stay...

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Vacation like a movie star at the Montrose in West Hollywood

Price: From $642 per personDuration: 4 nights

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This boutique hotel is in the center of the action in West Hollywood. Check out the scene on nearby Sunset Boulevard, go shopping in Beverly Hills, or just lay by the pool all day drinking champagne. The price includes airfare and hotel accommodation, so you'll have money leftover for bubbly!

If you'd like to drink bubbly outside of your hotel, you can walk a few blocks down to Santa Monica Boulevard, the main strip through West Hollywood, and visit local legends like The Abbey and PUMP Resturant.

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Stay in the French Quarter in New Orleans

Price: From $326 per person Duration: 2 nights

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Hotel Royal is located in New Orleans' famous French Quarter. You'll be surrounded by the city's most popular restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Take a guided walking tour to learn about New Orleans' storied past or see live music play at a local pub.

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