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Tati Westbrook Is Self-Quarantined In Seattle & Spread A Message Of Hope

While many celebs are encouraging social distancing, we're particularly loving the update from this American internet personality. Tati Westbrook is self-quarantined in Seattle and she's sharing the positivity we all need right now. TBH, we could all use some more uplifting stories.

The star posted a 24-minute update on her life to her YouTube channel yesterday, revealing she's been in self-quarantine for three weeks now.

The star did not reveal whether or not she had been exposed to Coronavirus.*

I "wanted to check in with you guys and talk about coping with what's happening," she wrote in her caption.

She told fans that this video would be a little different from the usual makeup tips and content.

In a personal sitdown, Tati revealed the struggles she's been having while she's stuck indoors and encouraged her fans to reach out to her if they need to.

She opened up and told fans that she broke down crying multiple times throughout the week from anxiety and the constant negative news surrounding her.

At one point, she even ate a panini sandwich by herself in her closet just to calm down.

We all feel the stresses of the changes around us.

But she encouraged fans to take positive action for their well-being and be a source of light to those around them.

During the Coronavirus, "there isn't a person out there who doesn't feel this in some way, shape, or form. Because this is reminding us that we love our lives [and] that we love our family," said Tati.

To do her part through social distancing, she is staying home.

But she is also focusing on her mental health to make sure she is happy, healthy, and supporting those around her to the best of her ability.

Westbrook noted that she is meditating more often, praying at meals again, and calling her friends and family to check-in.

She encouraged her fans to do so as well and also to reach out "to the people they love."

At the end of her chat, she wrapped up by saying "We need to take the advice given [to stay home] very seriously... So stay home, stay safe. I love you all so, so, so much. Come chat with me whenever." 

Since Tati is going to be more active "than ever" on her DMs, Instagram, and Twitter, why not send her a message?

* This article has been updated.

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