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Reddit Has No Chill About The Seattle Seahawks Dropping $17K On Dinner

The holidays are a time for big-spending and the NFL team from Emerald City didn't skimp. The $17,500-bill at the Seattle Seahawks' rookie dinner last night was posted by TMZ, and it got Seattle's Reddit group talking. 

Ugo Amadi and Marquise Blair, both Safetys for the team, dropped the solid number on steaks and cognac at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue, Washington.

According to the vets via TMZ, it was one of the most expensive rookie meals in a while. 

The now-disappeared Insta stories posted by Shaquill Griffin and Ugo Amadi showed the players' bingeing on lobster and steaks, and laughing as the cashier prints out what looks like a "f*ck*ng CVS receipt."

Last year, the team's Simeon Thomas Jr. footed a $9,705 bill at the same spot.

Redditers, however, couldn't shake-off the essentials that they could have spent that kind of cash on. 

"That's 8 1/2 months mortgage for me. I need to become a rookie. Hope they have room for a lazy fat guy," wrote one of them.

Some of them even calculated how many months of rent and mortgage they could pay with the $17,500 bill.

The Seahawks surely ate like champs with items like Wagyu steaks, lobsters, and calamari listed on the check. $11,000 was spent on Louis XIII cognac alone. 

"Sh*t that is my 6 years of rent for me," someone else wrote. 

The conversation quickly turned to the finances of these players. "It's idiotic, and the reason that a lot of NFL players go bankrupt shortly after their careers end," one Redditer wrote. 

"Even if I were a multi-millionaire, I wouldn't be doing this kind of shit. That's crazy. Also, $1600 tax...ahhhh, WA state, gotta love it. Didn't they get the Brock Huard discount?" another commented.

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There were a couple of lighter moments too. "I love that there's 1 Sprite on there for $4.00," one person said.

They even hilariously calculated how many sodas they could get for the cost of that one drink. "Can buy a 12-pack for that price, or 24 if it's on sale." 

Many people also reminisced on some of the most expensive dinners they had ever paid for. While several of them shared their proposal stories and steak-filled paloozas, others gave us a good chuckle.

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"I spent 35 bucks on chicken at (a) restaurant once and felt dirty," one Reddit wrote. 

While this long-standing tradition isn't new to the NFL and that check might not be absolutely crazy for Amadi and Blair who inked 7-figure deals, Reddit for one had a field day. 

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