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These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Washington That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

People think summer is the best time for road trips. Well, they would be wrong. The best time for adventure and exploring on a road trip is in the fall! You get to drive and see the fall foliage no matter where you go. Not only that, hiking isn't so bad when the air is a little cooler. You don't sweat as much and your panting will be drowned out by the wind rustling through the trees.

If you're constantly scrolling through the horror genre on Netflix and you're always talking to friends about famous paranormal experiences, then why not take your love for all things spooky to another level? 

Washington is home to some of the most haunted places in America. If you're up for a meet-and-greet with some friendly ghosts, there are several places you can do that. All you have to do is pick a place on this list and bring along your friends. So get some sleep, be alert, make sure your camera and phone are fully charged, and be open to seeing spirits who haven't quite crossed over yet. 

Orient Express

Where: Seattle

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There's nothing scarier than an angry ghost. Orient Express might sound like your typical restaurant bar. It holds karaoke nights and serves some delicious Thai and Chinese food. Except this is all taking place in old connected railroad cars. If you're looking for a quirky and unique dining experience, well, here it is! But be careful when you come here. Supposedly, it's haunted and the ghost is very sensitive. Apparently, the owner once said that she didn't believe in the supernatural and the ghost became so enraged that a lightbulb exploded right above her head! So, um, keep those kinds of thoughts to yourself before you head here. For your own safety.


Thornewood Castle

Where: Lakewood

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You might not have a paranormal experience if you just visit here, but you will if you stay the night. You are more than welcome to come inside the mansion to take a guided tour, but there's also a chance for you to stay here in one of the many suites! There's a dedicated bridal suite and supposedly there's a woman dressed in period clothing who appears in the mirror behind the bride but disappears if you turn around. At night before you close your eyes, you might hear the shuffling of footsteps from servants scurrying around, but open the door to find nobody in the hallway. Stay here if you are brave enough!


Patsy Clark Mansion

Where: Spokane

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A place doesn't have to have a morbid history to be haunted. Nothing tragic happened in this house. But there is something that lives on in that mansion that isn't from this world. The old wine cellar and the basement seem to be the affected area and where the ghosts come out to play with the employees. The ghosts will throw wine bottles and other objects across the room, employees will hear voices and have that distinct feeling that someone is watching them whenever they head into the basement to get something. At least these ghosts don't seem to be out for revenge or anything. You just have to learn to duck from flying objects!


Central Washington University

Where: Ellensburg

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You don't have to go to a university to enjoy their campus. This fall, why not walk around and admire the architecture on Central Washington University's campus? On your own self-guided tour, you might walk past Kamola Hall. If you do, just quickly walk away and move on. Lola is CWU's famous ghost who haunts the dormitory. Nobody knows the full backstory of Lola, but it's speculated that she went crazy and committed suicide after learning her lover died in WWII. Since then, residents have had strange encounters with Lola. Sometimes lights will turn on and off, music will start randomly playing from students' laptops, and weird noises come from the attic where Lola supposedly hung herself. That's... terrifying.

Olympic Club Hotel

Where: Centralia

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This hotel has seen a lot through the years. The hotel started off as a gentleman's club and became the place where Roy Gardner, the notorious train robber, was captured. Despite that, none of the spirits who roam the halls aren't vicious. They tend to leave guests and employees alone except when they want to have a bit of fun. The ghosts often move objects around and will whisper things when you think you're alone in the bathroom or in your room. So listen carefully, you never know what you'll pick up. Maybe the ghosts are trying to tell you something important. You never want to miss something like, "Quick. Run!"


Pike Place Market

Where: Seattle

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This tourist attraction is surprisingly teeming with ghosts. There are five ghosts in particular who seem to be the most active here. For the most part, these ghosts are harmless. They're just restless and are looking for people to play with! Princess Angeline is a ghost that roams the lower level dressed in a red scarf and carrying a woven basket. If you approach her, she will disappear into thin air.

The Fat Lady Barber is another ghost who doesn't appear to anyone, but you will hear her. She used to lure men with her lullabies and when they fall asleep, she'd steal from them. Even now, visitors and employees have reported hearing her singing just hoping to trick somebody else.


Merchants Cafe and Saloon

Where: Seattle

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Nobody knows who she is, but she always appears at night. The Lady of the Night as she's called is a ghost who loves to scare visitors. She'll turn lights and facuets on and off when you least expect it. She's also got a penchant for drama because she is also known to slam doors for no reason. She seems harmless compared to the little boy and girl ghosts lurking in the basement. Sometimes, they'll ask to play a game with people. Who knows what happens when you accept or refuse to hang out with them.


Monroe Street Bridge

Where: Spokane

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This bridge has become a popular spot for photos. So take your aristic photos of you looking off into the distance and you might even run into someone who's asking for help. Legend has it that you might see a confused man dressed in old fashioned clothes who asks anyone on the bridge what's going on. He's supposed to be a worker who helped during the construction of the bridge. Don't bother engaging with him because he will throw himself off the bridge and disappear before he even hits the water.

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Mount Baker Theatre

Where: Bellingham

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Ghosts seem less scary when they are given names. Judy is the friendly theatre ghost who keeps performers on their toes. She'll move things around in dressing rooms because she likes to. Maybe she's just redecorating, you know? She'll go around hiding scripts and tools around the theatre. But the most curious ghost of all is the spirit of a large black cat. Back in the 1930s, a traveling circus visited the place and unfortunately, a black panther died during the show. Nobody knows what will happen if you try to pet the panther, but you should probably steer clear of it. Go pet a stray cat instead because those seem safer.


Fort Vancouver

Where: Vancouver

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You might get a little extra when you come here to learn some history. Once a site for fur trading, you can now explore the buildings and even hang out with some of actors playing the part as people from the 19th century. Some of the buildings still feel eerie when you walk inside. Employees have noted that there are random cold spots, telephones that ring even when unplugged, and doors that open and close by themselves. In the staff room, there's even a ghost that drinks coffee to the frustration of the employees.


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Owl N' Thistle

Where: Seattle

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In the heart of Seattle's Pioneer Square, Owl N' Thistle is a fun Irish pub where you can often hear live music. But the bar sits above a series of undergorund tunnels that are, well, creepy. It's said that sevearl spirits are trapped there and sometimes they escape and head to the bar to play pranks. Employees have mentioned that the piano will play with nobody there and a woman dressed in a old-fashioned wedding gown roams the hallways. You have to agree that being trapped in a tunnel doesn't sound fun. You gotta let these ghosts come up and see what's new and what's going on!


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The Palace Hotel

Where: Port Townsend

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If you stay here, chances are high that you'll be touched by a ghost. The ghosts that haunt here are very creative. According to housekeeping, the people you see in paintings hung on the wall like to escape the art and come out to play at night. The ghost that does this the most often is the woman in the blue dress. She often appears in people's dreams too. If you do meet her awake or dreaming, see what information you can get out of her!


Tokeland Hotel

Where: Tokeland

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Casper may be friendly, but Charley isn't. Charley is the ghost who haunts the place and loves to stir up trouble here. He floats through the hallways so don't be alarmed if you see him. He also tends to throw temper tantrums and causes dinner plates to fall or spin in the air. Maybe he's trying to impress you with his skills? If you want the true authentic paranormal experience, room 7 is supposed to be the mosst haunted room in the place.


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Manresa Castle Hotel

Where: Port Townsend

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If you stay here, avoid the third floor. The paranormal activity is off the charts in those guest rooms. In room 302, you often hear footsteps above you even though there's nobody up there. In room 306, there's a woman wearing a white gown who stands by the window and if she's being bold, she'll even sit on the bed while you're in it. Nothing like a waking up to a casual ghost on your bed!


Point Defiance Park

Where: Tacoma

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There's a pagoda in the park that appears to be the hot spot for ghosts. You might try to approach an old man in a sailor's cap who is sitting on the stairs. If you do, he'll immediately disappear before your eyes. There's another woman who drowned and walks around in a dripping wet gown. People often attribute her to the footsteps they hear when nobody else is around them.

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Meeker Mansion

Where: Puyallup

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Eliza and Ezra Meeker founded Puyallup and they aren't ready to let it go.Their house is now a museum that you can visit. And you might want to say hi to Ezra when you run into him on your tour of the house. Eliza is a little more subtle with her appearances. You might suddenly smell a strong scent of perfume and that's Eliza making herself known to you.


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The Oxford Saloon

Where: Snohomish

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You can expect that a building built in the 1800s is bound to be haunted. For the saloon, 10 people died here including two who were murdered. There was a woman who ran a brothel upstairs who was decapitated. She is now seen throughout the saloon looking for her head. That's a lot scarier than Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter.


Lewis County Historical Museum

Where: Chehalis via

Learning about pioneer life just got a bit spookier. While you're learning about pioneer life, you might stumble upon two men dressed in apparel from that time wandering around. Don't take too long to register them as ghosts because as soon as you do a double-take, they're gone. The spirits always disappear quickly after you initially spot them.


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Old City Hall

Where: Tacoma

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The spirits have some unfinished business here. Gus is the most famous ghost who's looking for some company on those lonely nights. He'll often knock down things just to keep people on their toes. He'll also appear as a shadowy figure at night so the security guards will be forced to run after him to investigate. You have to love a ghost that's up to no good all the time!

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Hotel Sorrento

Where: Seattle

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You're free to check out whenever, but that wasn't the case for one ghost. Alice B. Toklas was an artist who seems to never want to leave the hotel. She'll start playing the piano for fun and immediately stop when someone comes up to investigate. One time, a guest reported that they heard heavy and intense breathing outside their room, but when they went to look through the peephole there was nobody in the hallway. By the way, that room was 408... so maybe don't check into that one.


Campbell House

Where: Spokane

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This house is haunted by a tragic backstory. One night, a burglar broke in and killed 3 Campbell children and kidnapped a fourth. Unfortuantely, the child was never found. It's said that the parents still haunt the house in hopes that their child will come back to them. What's even creepier is that the wife's spirit stays in the portrait hanging on the wall. People have reported seeing her eyes follow them as they walk past.


Black Diamond Cemetery

Where: Black Diamond

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Come on, what cemetery isn't haunted? Only the brave come here after dark because that's when the spirits come out and make themselves known. People have said that mist will suddenly appear to surround them and when it disappates, there's a white horse waiting in the cemetery. But the scariest part is that you will always feel like you're being watched here. By what? Who knows... but you definitely don't want to stick around to find out!

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