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This Sweet Seattle Spot Bakes $3 Cookies Stuffed With Cheesecake Or Brownies Inside

They also bake towering "cookie cakes." 😍

Whether it's a pick-me-up snack that brings back all the good memories or a great mobile dessert, cookies are the perfect, any-time treat. We all love the classic choco-chip versions, but what if we told you that you could now get delicious Seattle cookies stuffed with cheesecake, churros, or both? It's exactly as sweet as it sounds!

Created by Lowrider Baking Co. these delicious eats first started out as farmer's markets and pop-up staples across Emerald City. You can now get your hands on them at their Central District location from Wednesday through Sunday.

Be warned though, you'll probably want to live there after you've seen their menu.

Their signature flavors include everything from brown butter triple chocolate chunk, birthday cake, and salted toffee pecan to cookies and cream, lemon cranberry, and s'mores, that are available year-round.

While we're sure you'll find your next favorite taste amongst them, they have a rotating menu every month that has the most creative offerings. 

You can now get a stuffed churro cheesecake cookie. It comes partially dipped in chocolate with a sprinkle of salt on top! 

March is also the time you'll get to pick from a peanut butter brownie potato chip or a rocky road variety.

A spokesperson for the company told Narcity that a single cookie cost $2, while a stuffed cookie is $3.

If you want to pick up half a dozen, it'll cost $11.

If you absolutely don't want to share (we understand) and would rather get a full 12, you can expect to pay $22. 

You can also choose to build your own box of two dozen sweets for $44. Sound like a party yet?

We've also spotted dressed up cookie cakes, red velvet, blackberry, almond or strawberry cheesecake cookies, and those stuffed with classic PB&J!

You can get these batches, seemingly made in heaven, from a trailer set up at the Georgetown Trailer Park on Saturdays and Sundays too. 

Either way, if you love desserts and don't mind them mingling, this will probably make your dreams "crumb" true. 

Lowrider Baking Co.

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Cookies

Address: 2407 E. Union St. Suite C, Seattle, WA (Wednesday through Sunday); 5805 Airport Way S., Seattle, WA (Saturday and Sunday)

Why You Need To Go: These loaded cookies come stuffed with everything from cheesecakes and brownies to churros and only cost $3 each.