Seattle's "Best Soup" Is Inside A Boat Parked Out On The Street

One of the city's first pho spots too!
This Vietnamese Restaurant In Seattle Serves The Best Pho From An Actual Boat

Thanks to the almost-always overcast weather in Emerald City, Puget Sounders literally have a list of their favorite soup spots on speed dial. But if there's one Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle that people will actually get out of their houses to go to, it's this one that's shaped like a boat! 

Parked out on one of the city's busiest intersections isPho Bac in Chinatown International District's Little Saigon. The shop is a red wooden boat with a yellow faux palm tree outside of it. 

The one thing that this iconic establishment is known for — aside from its quirky decor — is its fuss-free bowls of $10 beef noodle soup.

The restaurant's Yelp page even advertises that it's all they've been offering since 1983! And that their "kitchen is too damn cramped to prepare anything else."

You can pick from a variety of meats like steak, brisket, fatty tendon, tripe, meatballs or chicken to go into your delicious traditional Vietnamese concoctions. It also comes with a generous portion of lime, basil, and jalapenos on the side.

If you're a seafood lover, you can substitute the meaty order for one with shrimp or shrimp meatballs instead.

For $2-5, you can also add an extra portion of spring rolls, meat, noodles, veggies or broth to the mix.  

They recently re-opened on New Year's day after closing down for renovations in 2018 and that's got the city's love affair reignited all over again! 

The new-and-improved version comes with a bar counter where you can watch the chefs whip up these beauties too. 

There's also a new menu item that we've been obsessing over — a royal, spicy beef noodle-lemongrass pineapple soup, the Bun Bo Hue for $14. 

If you want something cold to complement your large bowls of comfort, you can choose from a menu of $2 sodas, $4 beers or $6 glasses of wine. 

The cozy, Asian diner fills up pretty quickly. Although there's parking available in a private lot closeby, the only way to probably guarantee yourselves a spot to get a taste of what history + happiness in a bowl feels like is to get here early. 

They're open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. 

Are they "pho real?" It looks like you'll have to be the judge of that. But as the restaurant says, "Best phở in Seattle. Maybe. Don't really know. Who cares, just eat it."

Phở Bac

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Vietnamese 

Address: 1314 S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA 

Why You Need To Go: To eat from a boat parked on a street that started Seattle's love affair with pho. 

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