Ever wondered if there was a faster way to get bubbly into your system? There apparently is, and it's called a chambong. By definition, it's "a device used for the rapid and enhanced experience of sparkling wine/champagne consumption." Invented right here in Emerald City, you can now drink these champagne bongs in Seattle

Served up by La Dive in Capitol Hill, a champagne flute is turned into a shiny bong from which you can chug anything from sparkling wine and champagne to Miller High Life (yes, the beer) for $5 to $8 a pop.

It's open until 2 a.m. every day if you happen to have a late-night craving. 

If you're wondering how to do this, you simply put your mouth on the stem, tilt it back like you're doing a shot and guzzle away. 

This new spot has a whole lot of organic wines too. But if you're looking for something fun and frivolous on a Friday night (or any other, we won't judge), they also have frozen wine slushies, people! 

The magical options here include a frozen rose called frosé, a white peach vodka riesling called friesling, or a classic cocktail of beaujolais, raspberry and Campari that they call a frojolais, all for $10.

They also serve the ultimate "Long Day Home Pour" where they'll simply fill up your glass with wine to the brim!

If you and your BFFs are game for shots, call for a fireball Jell-O number that sells for $4.

You can also get some pretty Instagrammable snaps with your friends at a massive mural by Seattle-based artist Jennifer Ament inside the bar, or one inside a fancy bathroom full of mirrors.

If you get hungry, they'll also bring out several varieties of pork or potato dumplings and cheese or hummus toasts to the establishment's shiny pink tables that cost $7 to $10.

Some people pronounce La Dive like a "dive" bar, but it's "La Deeve," like the Saumur, natural wine festival in France.

We don't know about you, but our week is looking a lot like it might involve a chambong with frozen wine slushies (or four).

La Dive


Address: 721 East Pike St, Seattle, WA

Why You Need To Go: This unique bar lets you guzzle champagne from bongs and has frozen wine slushies!

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