Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean film series dropped in 2003, we'd be lying if we said we didn't grow up hearting Captain Jack Sparrow. While we would have loved to be aboard his Black Pearl, you can come pretty close: You can go on a pirate ship cruise in Seattle and it's cheap with this Groupon too! 

We spotted this deal for a thrifty way to sail the seas in a realistic-looking, pirate-themed party ship.

The coupon is being offered up by the Emerald City Pirates for a two-hour experience from April through October. For $44 — a 24% discount from the usual fare, two adults can get reservations for Queen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard, is that you?)

Once onboard the 21+ cruise, you can have a raucous time partying your way around the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Lake Union.

Is it even a pirate party if you're not dressed the part? That's why you'll also get a buccaneer's vest to wear for the duration of the trip.

You can buy a variety of pirate swag, like hats, swords, bandanas and eye patches. There are even prizes for the Best Dressed Pirate, so bring your A-game.

While you can't bring your own booze or food, you can purchase beer, cider, and sparkling seltzer in the store on deck. 

The boat entertains passengers with interactive games like treasure hunts, and defending the honor of the ship as they fire actual water cannons!

In true Seattle fashion, prepare to get drenched.

There's a fully-functioning head (that's pirate talk for restroom) onboard the ship. You might also not have a chance to be seasick because the waters you traverse are typically calm. Bring those meds, just in case. 

You can buy an additional coupon for your matey too, but it's only valid for 120 days after purchase, so you'll want to redeem it quickly.

Either way, Emerald City, it's time to get your pirate party hat on. 

Pirate Party Cruise

Original Price: $29 per person

Sale Price: $44 for two people

Why You Need It: You can hop aboard a pirate's ship — Queen Anne's Revenge and party it up like one. 

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