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There's A Magical Carnival-Themed Bar Near Vancouver And You Have To Go There ASAP

I love themed bars because they actually make going out fun! It's like you have a free licence to be totally goofy when you're drinking out of a novelty punch bowl with your friends! Plus, you'll get to take a ton of cool photos while you're there. In Vancouver, we're lucky to have tiki bars and even a haunted house themed bar, but there's one in Seattle that you simply can't miss out on.

Unicorn is a candy coloured carnival inspired bar that's next level fun. With a whimsical menu filled with fair-food and colourful cocktails, there's plenty of fun to be had at this bar. There are even a mini arcade and an old-school claw machine. You can immortalize your carnival night-out with a photo session in their photo booth! If you're planning a getaway to Seattle this summer, make sure you hit up this magical place while you're there!

This place is definitely worth the trip to Seattle! While you're down there, you can check out the insane Amazon Spheres or the gorgeous glass gardens by the Space Needle. Seattle is the closest major city to Vancouver and it's kind of neat to escape our city to find a whole other kind of metropolis over the border. 

Not only is the space incredible, but also the menu is full of unforgettable eats and treats. From fried rainbow cheese on a stick to corndogs and funnel cakes, you'll really feel like you're a kid again. Plus, their drink menu is full of magical cocktails like the My Little Pony and The Mystical Mermaid! 

You can find Unicorn in Seattle about a three-hour drive from Vancouver. Check out their website for more info and to see their full Carnival-inspired menu.