When it comes to beautiful scenery, there's no doubt that the Golden State has so much to offer. During your next visit, we've found one of the best places to see it all. Did you know that there is a secret swing in Elysian Park, Los Angeles that sends you soaring over the best views in the city?

From bright pink walls on Melrose street to kitschy coffee shops, palm trees, and Hollywood sights, it's nearly impossible to get a good photo here without a massive line.

We've found a place to beat most of the crowds and still get an incredible view.

The trek to these swings is a little off the beaten path, but very worthwhile.

If you want to get an early start and beat the crowds, the best time to head out is in the morning. The park opens at 8 a.m.daily and closes at 9 p.m.

To get there, search for "Swing on Top of Elysian Park" in your phone's maps. This will take you directly to the trailhead.

Once you get there, you'll take a steep quarter-mile walk to reach the top. Since there is some loose gravel on the trail, make sure to wear steady shoes.

If you want to know a local's pro tip, visit a few days after the rain.

Chances are, you can see the city after some of the smog has lifted, leaving bright blue skies and a little extra sunshine to go around.

Why not bring a group of your BFFs and enjoy a picnic at the top? You can take turns snapping pics of each other on the Instagrammable swings.

While you're in the area, you should also check out this glass slide in the U.S. Bank Tour. You can soar 1,000 feet above the city in a completely transparent tube!

Swing on Top of Elysian Park

Price: Free

Location: Park Row Dr., Los Angeles, CA

Why You Should Go: You can soar on a secret swing over the best views of LA.

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