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Secret Trail In South Carolina Will Lead You To A Hidden Lake

Finding a trail that isn't overpopulated and won't make visitors feel like they've just done a workout is sometimes hard to find, but they’re out there. South Carolina has many of these spots and the weather is just about perfect to go out and explore them. This secret trail in South Carolina will take you through a wooded forest and to a hidden lake. 

To get to the hidden Lake Wattacoo, hikers must take the Mountain Bridge Passage Trail. This trail is only 1.6-miles round trip, which is great for a hot summer day. 

This trail and lake are located near Cleveland, South Carolina. Lake Wattacoo sits on the 1,125-acre Ashmore Heritage Preserve; the lake itself is about 5.5-acres.

The hike is just as exciting as finding the lake. During the spring and summer months, the trail fills with colorful flowers and bushes that'll fill hikers' eyes with some joy

The journey starts off pretty difficult but will level off as visitors get closer to the large lake. There'll be a total of 311 feet of elevation gain, which will be great if travelers are looking for a workout too.

This preserve also provides a habitat for rare plant species. Many people travel to observe the rare plants, bird watching and to give their furry friends some exercise. 

There'll be many creek crossings and one wooden bridge that hikers will have to cross before making it to the lake. Some visitors posted warnings on for others to be wary of the loose rocks that occupy these parts of the trail.

Once hikers make it to the lake, they'll get an incredible view of Green Mountain and Lake Wattacoo. There are plenty of places to sit and have a picnic right by the lake. 

Skipping a few rocks or taking a few steps in the water to cool down with few others around might bring visitors a sense of tranquility since many people don't even know this spot exists. 

Lake Wattacoo 

Price: Free

Address: 45 Persimmon Ridge Rd., Cleveland, SC

Why You Need To Go: This easy to moderate trail will lead you to a hidden lake and beautiful mountain views. 

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