Selena Gomez Joked About Marrying A Famous Actor But It's Not Who You're Thinking

...Wait, what?
Selena Gomez Joked About Marrying A Famous Actor But It's Not Who You're Thinking

It's no secret that plenty of weird celebrity couples have gotten together over the years. The internet basically exploded when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson spontaneously got together, rumours of Eminem and Nicki Minaj were swirling around, and Elon Musk and Grimes still seem to be going strong. Most of these are pairs that we would NEVER put together, but hey, love is love! Sometimes celebrities like to play pranks on their fans, and we're thinking this may be just that - Selena Gomez posted about marrying Bill Murray and we're so confused.

If you follow Selena on Instagram, you may have seen her latest post from this afternoon. She took a trip to Cannes for the first time ever and obviously had to document the experience. She was attending a red carpet for her new movie, The Dead Don't Die

Selena posted the above carousel this afternoon, showcasing not only her look from the night, but also some fun photos of her and the cast, which just so happens to include none other than Bill Murray. What's really throwing people off though, is the caption. It reads, "My first time in Cannes! I’m so honored to have been a part of this movie with Jim and the whole cast. By the way Bill Murray and I are getting married."

Yup, you read that right - Selena said that her and co-star Bill Murray are getting married. While the post is obviously (...hopefully???) a joke, the photos of the two on the carpet and at dinner show that they very clearly have a great relationship and can goof around together, despite Murray being 68 and Gomez being just 26.

Selena's been much more active on Instagram as of late, which fans have been loving because she's known for taking plenty of hiatuses for mental health reasons. She's been keeping busy working on plenty of new projects, including the film alongside Bill.

The Dead Don't Die is an American zombie comedy, about the peaceful and quiet town of Centerville, which is quickly turned upside down when zombies begin rising from the dead. It was screened last night in Cannes and is set to premiere in theatres on June 14th. You can check out Bill and Selena in the trailer below: