Selena Gomez Seems Totally Unbothered By Justin Bieber Drama In Her Latest Post

Selena Gomez broke her silence on Instagram amidst the Justin Bieber drama.
Selena Gomez Seems Totally Unbothered By Justin Bieber Drama In Her Latest Post

Growing up, almost all of us fantasized about being the future Mrs. Bieber at one point or another, although that's definitely not in the cards anymore as Justin wants us all to know that he's happily married to Hailey Baldwin. If you've ever taken the time to creep the comments on Justin and Hailey's Instagram, you'll find plenty of people telling him that he should be with his ex, Selena Gomez, and not Hailey. Upon her return to the app, Selena Gomez seems totally unbothered by all the Justin Bieber drama in her latest Instagram post.

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After seeing so many hateful comments, Justin decided that enough is enough and sent out a message to his fans to let them know that although he'll always have love for Selena, he couldn't be happier than he is with Hailey. Of course, people took Justin mentioning his love for Selena totally out of context, and have been bombarding her Instagram with comments about it.

One thing that Selena is notorious for is her "social media breaks", which we all need from time to time. After all the drama unfolded though, she posted the above snap of her from 2018 with the caption, "throw b". Clearly, Selena isn't too bothered by what people have to say in her comments.

If you ask me, I think Selena is trying to send us all a message. Yes, she sees the comments people are leaving about Justin, but she refuses to acknowledge them as a part of her healing process. She's happy for Justin and Hailey, and is totally focused on finding happiness herself right now, without a boyfriend.

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