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Selena Gomez's Instagram Is Filled With Comments About Justin Bieber After He Said He Still Loves Her

Selena Gomez's fans are sticking up for her amid Justin Bieber scandal.

While Hailey Baldwin is getting hate from Justin Bieber fans, Selena Gomez is getting support. Yesterday, Justin Bieber spilled the tea and told a fan they were 'immature' and how Selena Gomez was affecting his marriage to Hailey Baldwin because of all the comments saying they were better. Selena Gomez's Instagram is now filled with comments about Justin Bieber after he said he still loves her

In an Instagram story yesterdayJustin urged fans to quit saying 'Jelena' was better but also said he still loves her and always will.  He also said if you don't support him and Hailey, then you don't support him at all. However, fans were quick to support Selena during all of this. 

It seems like Justin's post made things worse for his wife, Hailey Baldwin. While fans are now telling her she'd be nothing without him, on Selena's Instagram page, it's a completely different story. They're telling Selena it's not her fault, that she shouldn't let this affect her, and that she's innocent. 

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Selena has been living her life away from social media and the public eye for a while now, so for her to be dragged back in for this is a little bit sad. However, Selena has said before she has no social media on her phone, and she doesn't even know the passwords. So chances are she has no idea any of this is going on. 

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While Justin is opening up way more about his struggles, this may push Selena further away from social media. Even though Justin asked his fans to stop comparing his ex and his wife, it seems like it just got worse. Better luck next time?