Damn, I guess love doesn't heal all wounds eh Justin? Reports stirred earlier that Selena's family is less than thrilled she's back at it with Canada's sweetheart. And for good reason. The Gomez family attributes Justin for putting a major damper on Selena's mental health and well-being in the past. Though Selena has seemingly forgiven her ex, her family is not as welcoming. 

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Selena's family's disapproval is a big reason why Justin and Selena aren't spending the holidays together. The Gomez clan is still warming up to the mere idea of Justin and Selena together again. And Mama Gomez? Still frozen when it comes to the Biebs. 

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Mandy Teefy, Selena's mom, reportedly freaked when she realized how serious Justin and Selena have gotten in such a short period of time. Police were called to an L.A. hotel where Teefy was staying after a family member called 911. The police performed a welfare check and offered to take her to the hospital, but did not force any medical attention. Teefy willingly went to the hospital and was released later that day. 

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While Teefy nor Gomez has confirmed the TMZ report, it's safe to say that Justin's definitely on thin ice in the Gomez household. Good thing he knows how to skate??