11 Sephora Canada Hacks That Will Actually Save You Money While Shopping

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11 Sephora Canada Hacks That Will Actually Save You Money While Shopping

If you're a makeup lover and could practically live in a Sephora store or just shopping for your minimal everyday makeup, you definitely don't want to break the bank with every visit. Sephora Canada hacks are the perfect way to help you save money when shopping. You can get your makeup and keep more of your money too!

For anybody that uses makeup, Sephora can feel like paradise. However, spending a lot of money on makeup and cringing while checking your bank account after is never fun. 

So saving while you shop will definitely make you and your bank account happy.

According to Ranker, which lets people vote on if the deals are actually good, Sephora hacks "will help you score free items and get you the most value for your dollar each and every time you venture in for another shameless makeup binge."

Even if you've spent crazy amounts of money at Sephora stores in the past, it's never too late to start saving.

From which sizes offer the best value to free shipping to annual sales to return policies and everything in between, here are 12 Sephora Canada hacks that will get you the most bang for your buck.

Always Get Samples

When you're shopping, don't get lured in by the travel-sized items because even though they're small, they're not that cheap.*

Ask for samples instead of buying travel-sized items, it doesn't cost a thing.

Get Free Shipping For Any Item Not in Stock

Ever gone into a store looking for something specific only to find out it's not in stock? At Sephora Canada, don't leave the store if the product isn't available at the moment.

You can get that item shipped to you and there's no shipping cost.

Fan Friday Freebies On Facebook

This is such a simple thing to do but it'll definitely save you money.

When you follow Sephora on Facebook you'll get updated on the latest sales that are happening and exclusive codes for Fan Friday Freebies. Score!

Return Stuff

You can return take your purchase within 60 days with a receipt and you'll get store credit for the amount of the items you want to return.

Plus, if you don't have your receipt, you can still return your items if with the credit card or debit card you used to make the purchase or your Beauty Insider account.

Shop In April & November

In April and November of each year, there are sales at Sephora Canada and you can expect savings of 10 to 20% of depending on your Beauty Insider status.

Free Makeovers

You can get a free 15-minute mini-makeover at Sephora Canada.

If you don't want to spend a bunch of money to let someone else do your makeup or try doing it yourself for a fancy event you're going to, take advantage of the free makeovers.

The employees will go through the products they used so you can buy them if you love them.

Become a Beauty Insider

The loyalty program Beauty Insider is free to join and gives you points based on the dollar amounts you spend in-store and online.

You also get free birthday gifts with it.

Also, you can easily get to the threshold for an upgraded status by buying gifts for other people at Sephora whether its birthdays, Christmas or any other time you buy gifts.

Focus On Price Per Ounce

Sometimes bigger truly is better.

When looking at different sizes of the same product, focus on the price per ounce because sometimes with the bigger size you actually get more for less.

For example, an 8-ounce bottle of Philosophy Purity Made Simple is $34 or $4.25 per ounce while the 16-ounce bottle is $49 or $3.06 per ounce.

Buy The Value Sets

The value sets usually feature products from the same but sometimes it'll be a mix of different brands too. By getting the products bundled you could save up to 70%.

Take Advantage Of Delayed Discounts

Have you ever had that dreaded moment where you buy something at regular price and then see it go on sale the next day?

With Sephora Canada, you can just take the item in for a price readjustment within the next two weeks.

Get Free Shipping

Shipping costs are often a dreaded site when you're online shopping.

Standard shipping is free on all orders over $50.

*This article has been updated.

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