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People Think Seth Rogen Is Super Hot After His Latest Movie

Seth Rogen has everyone confused now.

When you think of Seth Rogen a lot of things come to mind. For instance, you might think about the fact that he's Canadian or his appreciation for cannabis. Primarily most people would probably say that Rogen is funny. Surprisingly though Seth Rogen in 'Long Shot,' his latest movie has people thinking the famous Canadian is super hot too. 

The movie is about Rogen's character, Franky Flarsky is trying to win over the most influential woman in the world and presidential candidate, Charlotte Field, played by real-life super influential and gorgeous boss lady Charlize Theron, hence the title Long Shot. 

I won't spoil the movie for you but it's safe to say that Seth Rogen definitely won people over with this film. I'm not talking about Charlotte Field or Charlize Theron though, I'm talking about the fans. 

Since the movie's initial release on Friday, May 3, it has already made over $13 million at the box office. That's not the only way this movie has won over fans though. After seeing Long Shot people actually think Seth Rogen is super hot, in fact, they are full-on obsessed with the Canadian celebrity now. 

These newfound Seth Rogen superfans have taken to Twitter to express their love for the star, here's what they have to say. 

 So rest assured, if watching Long Shot has you craving Canadian, you're not alone. Now it's just time for Seth Rogen to claim his spot in the hot Canadian hall of fame among other stars like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber.