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Seth Rogen Shows Us How Funny He Can Be In Trailer For Netflix Canada's "The Chef Show"

If you've been hearing Seth Rogen's name a lot more than usual, don't worry you're not hallucinating. He's been working more this year than he has since his career started, and not just in acting. Starting with his role as Pubma in Lion King, all the way to the release of his newest produced movie Good Boys, Rogen is definitely calling 2019 a "good year." His newest project is coming at us on Netflix. Seth Rogen is going to be cooking on the Netflix series The Chef Show.

The Chef Show just released its newest trailer for a season 2 episode and Seth Rogen is basically the star. His celebrity guest role has him assisting Chef Roi Choy with Lion King director Jon Favreau. 

The three are attempting to make chicken with pork sauce. Rogen spends his entire part being very confused about the pork sauce. Using his Canadian made humor he asks, "Is there pork in there or is it sauce for a pork?" When no one replies he goes on to jokingly criticize the difficulty of the recipe, "This is a confusing recipe guys, no one's going to be able to cook this." 

He spends the rest of the minute-long trailer laughing in confusion while he tries to follow Chef Roi Choy's instruction. 

If you haven't watched The Chef Show, it's a cooking show that follows a different chef each episode, showcasing their unique culinary practices. They also sometimes have special guests.

The Chef Show season 2 is now streaming on Netflix Canada! 

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