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Seth Rogen Opens Up About Growing Up In Vancouver And We Love Him Even More

He clearly gets his sense of humour from his mom.

Over the past several years, Seth Rogen has become a house name in the comedy genre. Movies like SuperbadKnocked Up, and Pineapple Express got him his start, and since then his career has seriously taken off. Not only does the man have a knack for telling jokes, but he also happens to be Canadian! In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Seth Rogen talks about life as a kid in Vancouver and it's so sweet.

If you've ever been to the city of Vancouver, you'll know that it's a lively hub of endless adventure, entertainment and beautiful views, of course. Rogen grew up on the east side of the city, along with his older sister and his parents, who (as many Vancouverites are) are quite progressive. He admitted that growing up Canadian is much different than living in America, as issues like gun control, the environment, and gay marriage had already "been put to bed".

Rogen grew up Jewish, his mother a social worker specializing in parenting skills, and his father working for the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities. His mom has become quite popular on Twitter, and often tweets the most random, hilarious things, so there's no wondering where he got his sense of humour from.

As a kid, Rogen took up karate, and he firmly believes it's a big part of why he's so resilient today.

"When I started I was the worst in the class, I was the worst of 25 Jewish kids who were afraid of getting picked on. And then just because everyone else quit, three years later I was at the top of the class, and there were 25 Jewish kids who were worse than me. And that was always tangible: Just by not stopping I became the best one. It wasn't this, like, ferocious leap. I just kept going, and slowly [other] people stopped. Because a lot of people will stop.”

Rogen's parents were always huge supporters of his work and even encouraged him to sign up for the stand-up comedy workshop that led him to where he is today. Despite being the only kid in the room, Rogen put on a brave face and with more years of practice, he's begun taking the world by storm.

As he gets older, Rogen still shows plenty of love for his home country and has even launched his own all-Canadian recreational cannabis line. His most recent project is a film called The Long Shot, which has audiences absolutely raving.