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Seth Rogen's "Good Boys" Becomes First R-Rated Movie To Top The Box Office In 3 Years

It also stars Canadian actor Jacob Tremblay!
Seth Rogen's "Good Boys" Becomes First R-Rated Movie To Top The Box Office In 3 Years

It's difficult to get an R-rated movie to the top of the box office nowadays. R-rated films are usually horror films with an unreasonable amount of gore or comedies whose sexual innuendoes just don't hit the mark. But Canadian comedy king Seth Rogen has defied all odds and reached the top with his latest produced comedy Good Boys, which topped the box office this weekend! 

This is the first time in three years that an R-rated movie has topped the box office in North America. The last movie that made it the top was Melissa McCarthy's The Boss back in 2016. 

The movie's success, $21 million opening weekend,  comes as a shock considering its box office expectation. Good Boys also surpassed the film that was predicted to top the box office, Hobbs & Shaw — a Fast and the Furious spinoff — that landed second with $14.1 million opening weekend. 

The crude comedy stars fellow Canadian Jacob Tremblay as well as Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon. They all play preteen boys discovering the in and outs of puberty while trying to make it to their first "kissing party". 

Universal Studios, who distributed the film, admitted themselves that, "This is a genre [comedy] that is very difficult to do" and that it's fortunate that they're, "having great success as a studio with a very diverse slate."

They also gave the majority of the credit of the movie's success to their advertisement team saying that, "They just over-deliver constantly with a broad range of films." 

If the movie's success in numbers hasn't convinced you to give the comedy a chance, it also scored an 80% on the notorious Rotten Tomatoes. 

Seth Rogen has been killing it this year with his recent role in Lion King and now a weekend box office winner! We can't wait to see what else our favourite Canadian comedian brings to the table this year! 

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