Seth Rogen spent 2019 at the top of the box office for his work on Lion King and Good Boys. Now the Canadian celeb is taking on the role of producer again on an upcoming film. Seth Rogen’s horror film Memetic is so different from his past projects.

Based on the graphic novel by Boom! Studios, the film will follow a viral meme that invades more than just student humour on a college campus. Anyone who sets an eye on the meme becomes violent.

A group of unaffected students, including the main character Aaron who is immune to the meme, must band together to try and stop the epidemic ensuing at their school.

Vulture also revealed that the meme in question is called the “Good Time Sloth” and describes its impact as “society’s downfall.”

According to Deadline, Rogen’s production company, Point Grey, will be working with Boom! Studios and distributor Lionsgate to create the film.

Also joining them will be script-writer Mattson Tomlin, who as his IMDb states, was also a writer on the film The Batman.

This film comes after Point Grey’s success with Good Boys that featured Rogen as an actor, producer, and writer.

In an article written by Deadline, it was said that the comedy grossed over $110 million at Universal during its theatre release. It also became the first R-rated comedy to top the box office in three years.

Aside from the newly announced film, It was announced by Deadline that Point Grey is involved in producing DreamWorks and MGM’s Where’s Waldo that’s set to start production sometime this year.

There has yet to be any news on a release date or potential cast list for Memetic.