When people talk about things that run in the family they're usually referring to the colour of their eyes or musical talent, but apparently sarcastic comedy also runs in the genes. Seth Rogen is one of the funniest people to come out of Canada... or so we thought. It turns out his mom may be giving him a run for his money. Although she hasn't been in any blockbuster hits, her twitter profile is just as funny as any comedy Seth Rogen has ever been in. 

She's been consistently hilarious on Twitter for years, making everyday life occurrences that aren't usually funny into a full-on joke. Her following on Twitter has also become huge throughout the years and she now has 115,000 followers. While most family members of celebs keep their social media presence private, Sandy Rogen has been completely open about her life... maybe a little too open according to some fans. 

Some of her more iconic tweets include a picture of her with a tattoo of her son on the left side of her chest with the caption, "Still next to my heart!!!" Rogen actually responded to this tweet saying, "Jesus Mom..."

Some of her more simple humour came in the form of a bus with the words "Sorry" flashing across the top where it would usually announce the bus route. Her caption for this photo was, "Canadian Bus." 

She's even discussed some troubles she's had in public washrooms by simply saying, "Very nice woman told me I had a long piece of toilet paper attached to my bum."

But nothing is going to top her most recent tweet that has sparked a lot of comments from fans. They're even commenting on Seth Rogen's behalf. Last night she tweeted, "Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex dont have germs." 

Although people found the tweet hilarious, they also realized how awkward the tweet must be for her son. One user wrote, "Dear Seth, Today is not the day to check in on Moms Twitter." 

Another fan reminded her that her son is also on Twitter, "m'am your son follows you on this website." 

While these tweets may be embarrassing for anyone else (we can't wait to see if she reacts to his new cannabis brand), Seth Rogen must be used to his mom's humour by now. He hasn't responded to her tweet yet, but if he does it's sure to be hilarious! 

It looks like we should be saying thank you to Sandy Rogen, because without her Canadian humour having an influence on Seth Rogen's life, he may not have turned out as funny as he is. 

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