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Severe Rain And Flood Warnings Are In Effect In Parts Of Canada Today Due To Hurricane Florence Aftermath

Hurricane Florence hit the US, primarily North and South Carolina this past week leading to mass devastation, flooding, and at least 30 deaths. While the storm has slowed down as it's moved across the East Coast, the tail end is still out there and it's coming for Canada. 

The remnants of Hurricane Florence are on track to hit Atlantic Canada today and has prompted Environment Canada to issue special weather statements and even severe rainfall warnings in parts of Nova Scotia. 

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Obviously, the effects of Florence in Canada will be significantly less than what happened in the US, but it is concerning enough for Environment Canada to issue warnings in the province. As of right now, there are severe rainfall warnings in effect in Shelbourne County and Yarmouth County, on the southeastern shores of Nova Scotia. 

There are also special weather statements in other parts of the province, warning residents to be ready for severe rainfall and to follow the forecasts for any changes to the weather. 

A Rainfall Warning & Special Weather Statement is in effect for Southern Nova Scotia. Remnants of Florence will clip southern areas of the province this afternoon and tonight. Heavy rainfall amounts of 45 to 90 mm are possible. #nswx @CBCNS

September 18, 2018

According to the severe weather warnings, Nova Scotia is going to experience heavy rain starting this afternoon and continuing until after midnight. The province is expected to get anywhere from 45 to 90 mm of rain. The warning also raises concerns about flooding, especially in low-lying areas.

The forecast for Nova Scotia today, particularly in Yarmouth County where the warning was issued, is just below 20 degrees. Other parts of Atlantic Canada, like Newfoundland, are also experiencing heavy rain from another weather system in the area.