Severe Rainfall Warnings Issued This Weekend Will Make Ontario Flooding Even Worse

Up to 40mm of rain is expected throughout Friday.
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Severe Rainfall Warnings Issued This Weekend Will Make Ontario Flooding Even Worse

The past week has been awful in terms of the weather, and many parts of Ontario are submerged in flood warnings and disasters as rain continues to fall. As we already know, the city of Ottawa has already declared a state of emergency as water levels continue to rise. Now, new severe rainfall warnings have been put in place for this weekend, and they are expected to make flooding throughout Ontario even worse. 

Two Ontario cities who have been feeling the effects of these heavy rainfalls the most have been both Ottawa and Bracebridge. Both cities have declared a state of emergency as rain continues to fall. 

About 400 military troops have been deployed into Ottawa as the state of emergency continues to worsen. These members of the Canadian Armed Forces are expected to help with sandbagging and other efforts as waters continue to rise. 

Meanwhile in Bracebridge, also know as cottage town, they have released emergency service workers to help people leave their homes as the conditions continue to worsen. Authorities told CBCthat one main thing to worry about as this flood continues to worsen is that it seems to be a much more prolonged and sustained event than what the city is usually used to. 

Both of those situations are likely about to get even worse. Now, Environment Canada is warning of even more significant rainfall throughout the weekend. 

Environment Canada has issued a number of special weather statements and severe rainfall warnings for regions across Southern Ontario. These include Peterborough, Kingston, Algonquin, Belleville, Brockville, and unfortunately Ottawa and the Muskoka area. 

These special weather statements are warning that significant rainfall is expected throughout the day. In some areas up to 40mm of rainfall is expected throughout the night. 

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Environment Canada also warns that these heavy rainfalls have led to flood monitoring for most of Southern Ontario. 

Since the ground is already wet from the rainfall that Ontario has been getting for the past week, Environment Canada warns that most of the rain will not be able to absorbed into the ground and will contribute to the already flooded areas. 

According to the Weather Network, this continuous rainfall is also sparking flood concerns for areas in the north and east of the GTA. 

Temperatures are also expected to cool throughout the weekend and can even bring snow to parts of the GTA on Sunday morning. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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