Shania Twain Is Going Viral For Reportedly Calling Taylor Swift “Ugly” At The AMAs

The cropped video was posted on Twitter.
Shania Twain Is Going Viral For Reportedly Calling Taylor Swift “Ugly” At The AMAs

If you keep up to date with the latest award shows, then you probably spent last night munching on snacks while watching artists take the stage at the American Music Awards. Tons of Canadians attended and Shawn Mendes even represented us with a win for Collaboration of the Year with his girlfriend Camila Cabello on Señorita. The night was pretty smooth sailing but now the internet is talking about how Shania Twain's AMA interview about Taylor Swift is totally misleading. 

Twain was walking the red carpet when an interviewer for Entertainment Tonight was speaking with Diplo. As soon as the famous DJ saw her, he was totally starstruck and invited her over to chat.

The interview ended up turning into Twain's, and she was asked about her residency in Las Vegas and even her first time at the AMAs. 

Shania also talked about Swift's win for Artist of the Decade and was asked, "Why do you think she's so deserving?"

In a video on Twitter, Twain's response was cut short. 

The accompanying caption says, "Did ... did Shania Twain just .. did Shania just call Taylor Swift ugly". The shortened video showed her saying, "Taylor is the epitome of a hard worker, talent. You don't have to be beautiful to be a star."

But in the full video, the You're Still The One singer doesn't mention the word "ugly" at all.

Her actual response was, "You don't have to be beautiful to be a star, but she carries her beauty with so much grace without flaunting it, I think she's just a very special person. She's dedicated, serious, and she's just a badass woman."

In another video on Twitter, the young pop star goes in for a hug with her fellow country artist, but Twain ends up hugging Ciara.

A few people posted the moment and one user captioned their video, "In case you missed Taylorswift getting curved by Shania Twain twice on national television".

The country megastar also interviewed with Variety and was asked a similar question about why Swift deserves to be honoured for Artist of the Decade.

She responded, "She's accomplished an incredible amount, and not to undermine her for her age or any age, she's brilliant, she has a huge pile of hit songs, she is a proven songwriter, an incredible performer, very poised. It's very difficult to evolve gracefully and graciously from being a child into an adult performer and she's done it beautifully. I congratulate her all the way, of course, she deserves the accolade."

When asked by Entertainment Tonight about her first time at the AMAs in 1996 Shania said, "I didn't even have a child yet, there's so much has happened. I've lived so much since then and I'm feeling much more comfortable in my skin. And I walk this red carpet and I'll watch this show tonight and looking at new artists that were just little kids when I first came out, and I'm so proud of them."

She mentioned Taylor Swift and Post Malone as two young artists she's proud of. 

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