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Sharks In North Carolina Are Hanging Out In Mass Quantities

It might seem insane that over 70% of Earth is covered in water, but perhaps it's even crazier that most of it is undiscovered. Many people shudder at the thought of what could be lurking beneath the dark abyss of the sea. However, right now, there are eight sharks near North Carolina hanging pretty close to the coast and that's also pretty scary.* 

Ocearch, an organization that aids scientists in collecting data in the ocean, indicates that there are currently eight Great Whites swarming the Carolina coast.*

The live tracker shows that several of the massive creatures are inching toward the shores in North Carolina around Bald Head Island and Oak Island.

There are a few riding the line between North Carolina and South Carolina and some that seem to be super close to the Charleston shoreline. Some of these bad boys are nearly 13 feet long (yikes). 

This may come as a surprise because Great Whites are most commonly found in places like South Africa, Australia and even the west coast of the U.S. Lo and behold, there are tons swimming through the North Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico near our East coast.

Contrary to popular belief, sharks aren't always a threat. With movies like Jaws and other influences in media, many people are led to believe that sharks will eat us alive when given the chance.

However, some research shows that sharks don't typically like the taste of humans and will often mind their own business. In fact, shark attacks are rare, with an average of only about 19 attacks per year in the United States.

Thanks to Bruce from Finding Nemo, fans have come to see sharks as friends. The ones hanging near NC have names, too. Caper, Sydney, Jefferson, Teazer, and Shaw are chilling here, to name a few.

It's probably too cold to take a dip now anyways, but when Spring is in full bloom, you don't have to be afraid of sharks.

*This article has been updated.

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