It's no surprise that North Carolina's coast is home to many large creatures that like to show their presence every now and then. With the warm weather coming in, sharks are making their way closer to the beaches. The sharks near North Carolina right now are here to stay for the warm weather. 

The research organization called Ocearch, tag sharks throughout the year to study them and to promote the conservation of marine life throughout the world. 

It also gives us an insight into where these massive fish are so we can be aware of them when vacationing during spring and summer months. 

As of March, there are more than 12 sharks surrounding the coast of North Carolina. Most are spread out between Emerald Isle to Ocean Isle Beach. 

The closest one is near the top of the state near the city of Corolla. There are Tiger sharks and Great Whites all around the state and you'll probably see more throughout the next few months. 

The largest of the pack is a male White shark named Murdoch. He's 1,325 pounds and 14 feet 10 inches long.

You wouldn't want to mess with this fellow. He's located right outside Wrightsville Beach. 

Vimy comes in second place in size. He is also a male White shark who's 1,164 pounds and 12 feet 9 inches long. 

There are also many sharks surrounding the coast of South Carolina as well. They can easily make their way to the North Carolina area which would increase the number of occupants in the water greatly. 

It's important to know that there are about five sharks that are 12 feet and over in the South Carolina area which just adds to the number of large sharks on the entire east coast

Always be aware of your surroundings when in the water and remember that this is where the sharks call home.

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