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Shawn Mendes Had Canadian Themed Drinks At His 21st Birthday And We're Not Surprised At All

Yesterday, Aug. 8, may have just been a pretty regular summer day for you, but for Shawn Mendes, he's now legal to drink everywhere around the world after celebrating his milestone 21st birthday. Like most celebs, he went all out with a decadent party that he and his friends won't soon forget! Shawn Mendes' 21st birthday party included a Canadian themed drink menu.

Mendes spent the day before in New York City with his rumoured girlfriend, Camila Cabello. The two were seen strolling around holding hands, and it was reported that Cabello was all over Mendes, although he waited outside on the phone while she headed into a store to do some shopping.

As for his actual birthday on Thursday, E! reports that the duo had a breakfast date at Jack's Wife Freda in NYC around 10 a.m., although plans for the rest of his big day remained secret. All we know is that the singer is free until Saturday when he resumes his tour, so he's got some time to recover from potential hangovers.

After a night of what we're sure was some wild partying, we now have a few details about Mendes' birthday party, including what kinds of drinks he was indulging in. Of course, a cocktail dedicated to his hit song "Señorita" had to be included, but the singer obviously also had to pay homage to his Canadian homeland!

The Manny Magie, which is comprised of a Stella Artois and a shot of Canadian Club whiskey definitely sounds like a drink that would taste delicious. Other menu items included tequila shots and Moscow mules made with ginger beer, so obviously, Mendes already has good taste when it comes to booze. And of course, the best one was named the Pickering Gawd, which is Shawn's hometown in Canada! It was just a shot of straight tequila. 

The singer has yet to post any photos from the actual event, but we're sure that once he's up and recovered from his hangover, we'll get an inside look at exactly how he spent his 21st birthday.