Shawn Mendes Just Responded To Backlash After Continuously Ignoring Comments About Camila Cabello

The duo has been denying any rumours of a romantic relationship.
Shawn Mendes Just Responded To Backlash After Continuously Ignoring Comments About Camila Cabello

When two celebrities are spotted out and about together, it's not uncommon for romance rumours to spark almost instantly. Whether paparazzi manage to snag actual photos of them holding hands, or they're just casually hanging out, fans always want to know if they're dating or not. Over the past few weeks, another famous duo has begun sparking rumours, and fans still haven't received answers. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello fans are upset with him for dodging questions about their relationship.

Mendes is easily one of the most lovable celebrities out there today, so for fans to be THIS upset with him, you know this is some serious subject matter. Ever since he and Cabello dropped their hit single Señorita a few weeks back, people have been convinced that the pair are dating on the low.

Just days after, Cabello and her boyfriend split, and she and Mendes were seen out around LA holding hands and getting a little too close for people who claim to be "friends". Some people have their theories that this is all a publicity stunt, but others think that there's undeniable chemistry between them.

Mendes and Cabello have both been denying all of the rumours flying their way, but in a recent interview, Mendes literally got up and left when asked what inspired him to write Señorita, causing his fans to feel like he was hiding something.

In a tweet that's since been deleted, Mendes wrote, "Hey! There was no bad intention here. If you were there you would have known it was the last question & that’s why I decided to turn it into a light-hearted funny goodbye! Sorry if that upset anyone, I adore you guys! No need for any negativity. ❤️"

Although some fans totally understand where the singer is coming from and don't think that he had any malicious intent in ignoring the question, others are suspicious of his choice to end the interview so abruptly, without confirming or denying what's going on between him and Cabello.