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Fans Are Literally Wishing Canada A Happy Birthday On Shawn Mendes’ Birthday And It’s The Most Canadian Thing Ever

In the 21st century, when it's someone's birthday, it's become quite customary for their friends and family to send them birthday wishes not only in person but also on social media. Usually, people will post their favourite embarrassing or sentimental photos with the birthday boy or girl, but some people take it as far as dedicating posts to their favourite celebs on their birthdays. Shawn Mendes' birthday messages from fans are the most Canadian thing you'll see today.

Today is August 8, and while that day may mean absolutely nothing to you, for fans of Mendes, it's a HUGE day - the singer is turning 21! If you're into astrology like I am, you may not be surprised to found out that he's a Leo because of his natural glow, passion, and charisma that's so often associated with people of the same sign.

In order to help Mendes celebrate the milestone birthday, fans have planned something extra special that they hope will get his attention. A Twitter account with the handle @Shawns21st was created to spread the message amongst his fan base and has already gained nearly 3,000 followers.

The first project organized by the page is a GoFundMe that's aimed at raising money for Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) in honour of Mendes. The second project is simply encouraging fans to write kind birthday messages to the singer to let him know that we're thinking of him on his special day.

His fan base definitely went the extra mile this year, and a lot of them sent well wishes to not only Mendes but Canada as well. Canada's birthday actually happened on July 1st, but this just goes to show how much of a Canadian icon he is, and how well-loved he is by fans all over the world.

If you want to participate in the birthday festivities yourself, be sure to give Mendes a special shoutout on Instagram or Twitter! Whether he sees it or not, he'll definitely be feeling all the love today.