Since he's risen to fame, Shawn Mendes has become Canada's resident pop-star heartthrob (right next to Justin Bieber, of course). Plenty of his fans are absolutely obsessed with him, but he's also been linked to quite a few of his fellow celebrities over the years, although he's denied being more than friends with any of them. Watch out Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes' celebrity crush isn't at all who you'd expect.

Shawn released a new song with Camila Cabello recently called Señorita, and after seeing the music video, there was a lot of speculation that the two are more than friends. Shortly after the song's release, Camila and her boyfriend of one year, Matthew Hussey split, sparking even more rumours.

Neither Shawn nor Camila has confirmed or denied these rumours, but at a Q&A with fans in Milwaukee Shawn did admit that he's got a HUGE crush on actress Emma Watson. "I really just do love Emma Watson, and I'd tell her that," he told fans.

This isn't the first time that Shawn has declared his love for the 29-year old. Back in December of 2019, he decided to shoot his shot via Twitter and sent out a tweet to Emma telling her that he loves her. Unfortunately, she never replied.

To be fair, Emma is probably too busy to reply to the hundreds of tweets she gets, but if Shawn Mendes wanted to tweet me and tell me he loves me, I'd be QUICK to reply and tell him the feelings are mutual.

In the past, the singer has also been linked to Hailey Baldwin after they attended the 2018 Met Gala together. The pair denied all of the rumours, and shortly after Hailey reunited with her ex Justin Bieber, and the pair are now married. Here's to hoping Emma hears about Shawn's feelings for her and takes the time to send him a tweet back!