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Shawn Mendes Didn't Actually Sell Out His Rogers Centre Show In Toronto

Shawn Mendes still has tickets left to sell to his upcoming Toronto show.
Shawn Mendes Didn't Actually Sell Out His Rogers Centre Show In Toronto

Shawn Mendes has easily been one of the hottest Canadian artists of 2018 apart from Drake. From the 20-year-old's hit music to his boyish charm, it's no wonder he's been able to steal the hearts of millions so quickly. Though it was definitely shocking for many when Mendes announced he would be playing a special stadium show in Toronto at the Rogers Centre. 

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With the show is slated for September 2019, even considering Shawn's popularity along with the promo collaboration he did with Roots, it was still pretty shocking for many that the concert reportedly sold out within minutes.

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While many fans were under the impression that they had missed out on tickets and would have to resort to other providers such as StubHub or VividSeats, it turns out that isn't the reality. As of right now, there are still tickets available for the show on Ticketmaster's site. 

Via Ticketmaster

While there aren't many tickets available, there may actually be other seats that haven't been released yet on the website. Considering that while Ticketmaster commented on the scandal revolving around scalpers during their controversy, they strategically avoided commenting on their tactic of releasing extra seats closer to the show date. 

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Seeing as there are tickets available on the site after being pronounced sold out, it's clear that more seats have been released. Meaning that if you are a fan who wasn't able to grab a ticket for yourself, don't get too upset over it! especially considering that with the show still so far away, there is tons of time for more seats to pop up. 

Though if you do want to secure your ticket now, you can visit Ticketmaster's site to purchase your ticket by clicking here