Shawn Mendes Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Hailey Baldwin, And It's Very Underwhelming

He also goes into detail about his sexuality.
Shawn Mendes Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Hailey Baldwin, And It's Very Underwhelming

Shawn Mendes is a name everyone knows now. Even my own mother raves about him because he's just that perfect, talented and since he's Canadian, it's in his blood to be nice. Yes, that is a reference to his song In My Blood. Thank you. 

I'm sure it gets annoying for Shawn Mendes to always be called nice and innocent. In his new Rolling Stone interview, he admits to smoking weed when he's back home in Toronto and he even considered trying shrooms while in Amsterdam. But those aren't the only juicy details we got from this interview. 

While they have both denied a relationship for quite some time, Shawn Mendes finally opens up about his relationship (if you can even call it that) with Hailey Bieber Baldwin. In the interview, he claims he doesn't want to put a title on it, but says, "I think it was more of a zone of limbo.” He does say that they were definitely more than friends, though. Hm, new song title for the next album maybe?

While Hailey Baldwin is now happily married to Justin Bieber and showing PDA anywhere they can, like a Toronto Maple Leafs game, Shawn isn't holding any grudges against her. Hailey and Justin were engaged a month after Shawn and Hailey went as each others dates to the Met Gala, and he still sent her a text saying congratulations. So nice of him... but we definitely wanted more juicy details. 

I mean, call it what you want, but these photos of Shawn and Hailey exploring Toronto together and hugging don't say 'not a relationship' to me. After he stops talking about Hailey, he's asked about his sexuality and the rumours surrounding it. Not only did he address this on Snapchat when he had finally had enough of the rumours, but he still feels the need to prove that he's not gay. 

In the interview, Shawn mentions he still feels the need to be out in public with a girl to prove that to his fans and the world, and says he "hates that part of himself". He also says the world should be lucky he's not gay or terrified to come out, because that kills people. 

Shawn Mendes will always be a Canadian boy at heart, and you can totally tell through this interview. Even after she got engaged a month after their public date, he still says that Hailey Baldwin is "Still one of the fucking coolest people ever. She’s not just a beautiful person visually, but she’s one of the most beautiful hearts I’ve ever met.” How mature and cute! 

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