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Shawn Mendes Has Wiped Out Again But This Time He Actually Got Injured

It's official, he's Canada's clumsiest celebrity!
Shawn Mendes Has Wiped Out Again But This Time He Actually Got Injured

Shawn Mendes has quickly become Canada's sweetheart this past year, thanks to his boyish charm and insane singing abilities.

Though, we would be lying if we said the star wasn't more present in the media because of his... lack of coordination sometimes. 

It all started back in July when Shawn took a tumble during his Quebec show on stage that was equally tragic as it was hilarious. Though it seems the star is taking his inability to stay up on his two feet internationally after the tumble he took over in the States. 

The star took to his Instagram story yesterday to share a few cuts on his face to his 36 million + followers with the caption "fell off a bird." If you don't know what the heck he's talking about, "Bird" is a company in the States that services electronic scooters called 'birds' throughout areas such as New York and California.

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

Now, considering a lot of his fans aren't from the States, a lot of confused Shawn Mendes fans actually turned the caption into a meme while they tried to figure out exactly what bird Shawn was talking about: 

Hahahah I found @ShawnMendes bird ride 😂

September 11, 2018

What does @ShawnMendes mean by he fell of a bird? I’m so confused and concerned 😔🤔

September 10, 2018

While there is, unfortunately, no actual footage of Shawn falling off the scooter, a fan did everyone a solid by tweeting out a video serving as a representation of what most likely happened between Shawn and that pesky bird. 

actual footage of Shawn falling off the ‘bird’ 😹😭 @ShawnMendes (hope ur ok sorry for laughing)

September 10, 2018

Only Shawn Mendes can manage to still look adorable after falling flat on his face.

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