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Shawn Mendes Is Officially More Relevant Than Justin Bieber, According To Twitter

Shawn Mendes was the second most talked about Canadian musician on Twitter in 2018.
Shawn Mendes Is Officially More Relevant Than Justin Bieber, According To Twitter

Shawn Mendes has officially become more relevant than fellow Canadian singer Justin Bieber on Twitter. Today. Twitter released their annual report for the most talked about Canadian celebrities of 2018 and the results were definitely surprising.

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The report from Twitter talked about the most mentioned celebrities, artists and basically whatever else was most talked about on their platform in 2018. Some of the results were expected – Drake was the most talked about Canadian artist of the year, which was a rather obvious win. 

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Not all results were as expected though. In an unexpected turn of events, Shawn Mendes dethroned Justin Bieber as the second most mentioned Canadian artist on Twitter. We did not see this coming at all, especially given how crazy of a year Justin Bieber had in 2018.

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Bieber couldn't stop making headlines, especially with his unexpected romance turned engagement turned marriage with Hailey Baldwin that all happened within five months. A quick look back at 2018 for Justin Bieber: He reunited and broke up again with Selena Gomez, got engaged and then married to Hailey Baldwin and even moved back to Canada

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Shawn Mendes, on the other hand, has had a relatively quiet year in regards to his personal life. He also dated Hailey Baldwin in 2018, just a couple months before her engagement to Justin Bieber was announced, but other than that, it's been pretty quiet on the personal front for the 20-year-old singer. 

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Shawn Mendes did release a new album in 2018 however, unlike Justin Bieber, and it has blessed us with hits like "Lost In Japan", "In My Blood" and "Mercy". He also went on tour with Taylor Swift and is headlining his own tour next year, which will stop in Canada

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According to Twitter, in 2018, Drake was the most talked about Canadian artist on the platform. He overtook Justin Bieber for the first time in three years, according to ET Canada. Shawn Mendes came in second and also beat out Justin Bieber, who took third place, for the first time.

The Weeknd came in on the list at fourth place. Avril Lavinge, who made her comeback earlier this fall, also made the list at 6th place. As for actors and actresses, Ryan Reynolds unsurprisingly took first place for the most mentioned Canadian actor and Shay Mitchell was the most talked about Canadian actress. 

You can read the full Year on Twitter: Canadian Entertainment 2018 report on their blog