Shawn Mendes Just Posted His Very First IG Photo With His Rumoured Girlfriend

It would appear that Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes may have just come off the dating market. So sorry ladies, if you want the singer of ‘Stitches’ you’ll have to hope that this isn’t true.

Yesterday Mendes posted a photo showing himself and his rumoured sweetheart Hailey Baldwin on Instagram. The pair have been the subject of dating rumours for a while now, but we haven’t actually ever had any kind of proof of them together.

Until now that is. Feast your eyes on the photo of the pair below.  

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The photo has been liked over 3 million times so far and has been liked by multiple celebrities, including Paris Jackson, Kelly Osbourne, and Calvin Harris.

Baldwin herself also liked the photo of course.

If you know nothing about who Baldwin is exactly here’s the lowdown.  

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She’s a part of the famous Baldwin brothers family. Yes, that Baldwin family. She’s actually Alec Baldwin’s niece. Her father, Stephen, is Alec’s youngest brother.

She herself is a model and actress who has appeared as a co-host on the show called Drop the Mic, last year.

She also co-hosted the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this year.  

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Both her and Mendes have been asked about each other in interviews since late last year, with neither of them willing to give any straight forward answers. They were even spotted this past December in Toronto at the Daniel Ceasar concert and again hanging out at the local Christmas Market together. 

In one interview when asked about her relationship status Balwain said, “I try to keep that side of my life as private as possible. I don’t feel like I have to explain myself to people because it’s my life.”

Does this photo officially mean they’re dating? Well no.. but it certainly does make it seem much much more likely that they are. 

Source: ET Canada