Shawn Mendes Just Joined Justin Bieber In Calling Out The US Migrant Children Crisis

Great Canadian minds think alike.
Shawn Mendes Just Joined Justin Bieber In Calling Out The US Migrant Children Crisis

Being Canadian singers isn't the only thing in common for Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, who both support A$AP rocky in his detention in Sweden. In the past few weeks since the American rapper was arrested for assault, both Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber have made statements online calling for him to be released. 

The most recent call for A$AP Rocky's release came from Justin Bieber late on Friday night, when the singer tweeted a response to President Donald Trump. Trump had vowed earlier that day that he would be talking with the Prime Minister of Sweden to see what could be done about getting A$AP Rocky released. That's not all Bieber wanted to talk about though. 

In that same tweet, Justin Bieber also said: "while [you're] at it  [Donald Trump] can you also let those kids out of cages?" He was referring to the migrant families who have been detained at the southern US border. 

Once again, this is where another comparison between Justin and Shawn comes in. Later this afternoon, Shawn Mendes also took to social media to call out the migrant crisis. 

In an Instagram post, Shawn said "keep families together.. Please support organizations like [Support KIND], that are working to [protect families] imprisoned at the border."

According to Time, the detention centres are being run by ICE to hold people who have irregularly crossed the US-Mexico border. At these centres, there have reports of children being taken away from their parents and put into cages. 

Time reports that since Donald Trump has been president, 24 people have died while in custody at the border and tragically seven of those were migrant children. Reports also indicate that as of this month, 30 children are still separated from their families at the border. 

It's unclear whether Shawn Mendes's recent post about the migrant crisis was inspired by Justin Bieber's tweet calling out the situation last night or if it's just a Canadian celebrity coincidence.