Shawn Mendes has been travelling the world for his self titled tour since March playing shows for his fans who come from places big and small. He's been sharing photos and videos of his time around the globe, satisfying our desire to get a sneak peek into his life. But you'll be happy to know that a Shawn Mendes Netflix documentary might be coming after he was spotted with a camera crew.

The Latin America leg of the Canadian artist's tour kicks off in São Paulo on November 29, and he was already spotted in Brazil today. 

A Twitter fan account called Shawn Mendes Updates posted a short, three-second video of him with a group of people filming him and the fans around him.

In the caption, they wrote, "Shawn in Brazil today! The Netflix team is also there with him! I'm sensing a documentary..." with the wandering eyes emoji.

It got quite a bit of attention on Twitter with over 1,000 likes and users replying how much they want this to happen. 

Last week, some users also sent him messages asking when and where the tour documentary will be released. 

This user even said she saw him filming a documentary in New York.

Netflix hasn't confirmed whether a documentary from the 21-year-old is coming in the near future. 

They're currently producing one with Taylor Swift, who Mendes was recently accused of ignoring during her battle with Scooter Braun. 

She announced in a Twitter post that "Netflix has created a documentary of my life for the past few years."

Hopefully, a potential documentary from Mendes doesn't take years to film.

We even got a hint at what a video following the Pickering-born singer's life would look like when he posted a 10-minute video on IGTV showing snippets from his North American tour.

It got over 2.7 million views, so there's definitely an interest to see the singer's touring lifestyle.

In the video, the In My Blood singer discusses the fact that he has never once said the wrong city when he's on stage in front of thousands of fans.

He said, "I literally ask Cez 16 times before I walk up the stairs every day. I'm like literally seconds before, 'San Diego?'"

In September 2018, Mendes posted a 14-minute documentary on his YouTube channel that was produced by Casey Neistat.

In it, he discusses how he learned how to play the guitar which led him to start posting videos online and got him recognized. 

You can watch the documentary below.

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