We've all seen the Tim Hortons commerical featuring Shawn Mendes by now. It's full of wholesome Canadian-ness and, of course, Shawn Mendes. Now another Canadian musician wants his own hometown Tim Hortons commercial. Based on what he did at his local Timmies back in the day, it's safe to say the commerical wouldn't get a G rating.

Last week the Tim Hortons and Shawn Mendes collaboration came out with limited-edition coffee cups available at stores across the country and a commerical to promote the collab. The reaction was pretty good especially from fans of the pop singer.

Even another Canadian musician saw the ad and was inspired. The new commerical prompted Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith to campaign for his own hometown Timmies commerical. 

Sexsmith took to Twitter yesterday to set the ball rolling on his own Tim Hortons commerical. Though his experiences would definitely make for a different kind of commerical than the Shawn Mendes one.

Even though Sexsmith's commerical would need a rating higher than PG and probably wouldn't get shown on TV, it has the potential to be way more intriguing, shocking and funny.

S scroll through the replies of Sexsmith's tweet shows that people are here for what would be a somewhat unconventional commerical. 

We're not sure Tim Hortons will take Sexsmith's idea into consideration when thinking up its next commerical but just imagining what the commerical could be is sure to give you a laugh.  

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