It was announced back in December, by Camila Cabello, that she'd be joining her Canadian pop-star boyfriend in Toronto for the holidays. However, both Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and just yesterday they were spotted again. The "Senorita" singers were still enjoying their vacation away from Hollywood. Fans even ran into and took pictures of Shawn Mendes' Toronto stroll this past weekend that ended at a local coffee shop. 

Instead of serving the public some PDA on his most recent outing, Mendes was completely alone during his latest venture. Bundled in his winter jacket, with AirPods in, the "In My Blood" singer paid a visit to a Toronto cafe. 

According to Just Jared, he sat in the establishment for a few minutes on a call and then purchased a coffee to go. 

While Cabello wasn't by his side this time, the two have been seen all around the city over the past week.

When Cabello first arrived, the couple was seen at a Toronto restaurant where they weren't afraid to show some heavy PDA. 

The two were also photographed braving the Toronto snow on New Year's Eve.

The "Shameless" singer had admitted to SiriusXM that she wasn't sure what exactly her plans were for New Years in Toronto, but according to Mendes' Instagram, the two ended up partying hard in public that night. 

Shortly after Mendes' Sunday walk, however, they were spotted together at Toronto Pearson Airport, waiting to get checked into their flight. 

While the artists may be heading back to the heat, if their travel history to Toronto is any indication, they'll be back venturing the Canadian city soon enough. 

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