It's not every day that two Canadian celebs end-up dating and having a baby together, but Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel's Paris vacation is showing us just how amazing it can be when it does happen. The couple welcomed baby girl, Atlas, just under two months go and they're already showing her the world, Canadian style. 

While it's unclear what exactly Mitchell was cooking up in Paris, she did post a video of herself in glam at a studio. 

The purpose of the trip may have been for work, but that didn't stop the family of three from enjoying themselves afterward. 

That includes making sure they stick out, at least to Instagram, because of their Canadian pride. 

While strolling around the city, the 32-year-old actress took a video of herself and Babel and captioned it, "Just two Canadians in Paris." 

She followed that video up by posting a video of birds that clearly aren't geese and hilariously captioned it, "The geese are different here..."

Apparently to Mitchell, Canadian geese jokes will never get old. 

Although the photo she posted with baby Atlas in front of the Eiffel tower has nothing to do with Canada, it's still absolutely adorable. 

It also shows how much the entrepreneur cares about continuing to share her parenting journey with her fans. 

Earlier this year, she started a YouTube series that followed her entire pregnancy, from the hilarious parts to the raw and real moments. 

Now that her daughter is born, she's still continuing the journey. 

Just last week, she faced backlash for her openness about breastfeeding but combated the haters with her quick wit. 

Despite the hate, Mitchell has shown no indication of halting her sharing process.  

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