Canadian Actress Shay Mitchell Just Announced She’s Pregnant

She hid it for 8 months!
Canadian Actress Shay Mitchell Just Announced She’s Pregnant

Shay Mitchell is honestly a Canadian icon and she just revealed some news that has us all freaking out! Basically, she pulled a Kylie Jenner except no one figured it out. She's pregnant! Shay Mitchell announces her pregnancy on her YouTube channel.

She uploaded the YouTube video on Friday, June 28th, and titled it, "Guess Who's Preggers | Shay Mitchell." In the video, she talks about how she wanted to keep this pregnancy away from the public and didn't feel like announcing it on Instagram was the right way to go. She also discusses how pregnancy is, "amazing but also lonely" showing a montage of her hiding her stomach behind dresses. 

The ending shots of her video show a maternity shoot where she reveals that here is where she finally feels normal for the first time in months. The plot twist to this all? She's due next month! She hid this huge life-changing event from us for 8 months without any speculation from media and that's honestly iconic. 

This announcement is extra special after Shay Mitchell announced that she suffered a miscarriage back in 2018.

Her baby will also be a Canadian legend, both their parents are from Canada! Shay Mitchell's longtime boyfriend is Matte Babel who was a music reporter here in Canada. We're so excited for the couple and can't wait for updates on their family!