Shay Mitchell Got Shamed For Going To Drake’s Birthday Party Days After Giving Birth

Life in the spotlight as a new mom is no easy task
Shay Mitchell Got Shamed For Going To Drake’s Birthday Party Days After Giving Birth

It was only last week when Shay Mitchell shared the wonderful news of her daughter's birth on Instagram. She immediately got flooded with comments of congratulations and warm wishes for her new family. A few days later, she took to Instagram to share a video of her and baby daddy, Matte Babel, enjoying their lives at a party as new parents. But in a turn of events, people were not happy and Shay Mitchell at Drake's birthday party days after giving birth got her shamed by the internet. 

While most new moms opt to not leave the house for a little while, Mitchell decided to kick society's expectations in the butt and live her life the way she wants to. In fact, it's quite brave of her to leave her newborn daughter in someone else's trust. Having a child is obviously a life-altering decision and there are definite sacrifices you must make for the sake of your baby, but is Mitchell leaving her new daughter for one night really that bad?

The internet says yes, with people sharing angry and shameful comments on Twitter and Instagram. 

On her original announcement post, the Mississauga born actress shared a photo of her newborn daughter's tiny hand, captioning it, "Never letting go..." And while the first thing you used to see was tons of celebrities sending their congratulations, now one of the top comments is an angry user who wrote, "....except when there’s a party to go to, right?! Disgusting...leaving your newborn only days after her birth." 

A user on Twitter also shared their anger, writing, "#shaymitchell leaving her newborn after 3 days to party at Drake's party.. smh! Because that is more important. #canceled".

But despite the overwhelming negativity, there are still people supporting Mitchell's decision to enjoy her life as she pleases. One Twitter user wrote, "I know @shaymitch didn’t spend 9 months forming this child to have y’all shame her for going out. Girl, she got 18 years to raise this baby give her a damn night of freedom."

Another in support of Mitchell wrote, "You guys really shamed @shaymitch for going out after having a kid. Stop being bitter moms who shame".

On her YouTube channel, Mitchell documented the exhausting 33 hour-long delivery process. She even shared her entire pregnancy journey on her channel as well, naming it the "Almost Ready" series. 

According to the Daily MailMitchell was spotted out with her newborn daughter around the same day as Drake's birthday party. In the photos they shared, she's wearing biker shorts and a t-shirt, while pushing a stroller with her daughter in it. She looks totally happy, comfortable, and fully recovered from the gruelling labour she endured days before.  

What do you think? Did Mitchell leave her daughter too soon or was a little fun time allowed after a nine-month pregnancy? 

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