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Shay Mitchell “Imports” Snacks From Canada To Her Home In LA Because She Misses Them So Much

She can't live without them!
Shay Mitchell “Imports” Snacks From Canada To Her Home In LA Because She Misses Them So Much

Americans may have more snacks, but let’s be real here, Canadian snacks are the best snacks. When Canadians go to America, we’re often overwhelmed with the choices presented to us in the snack aisle. Instead of having a few chips brands that we know and love, they have every single chip brand. One celebrity is different though, and actually wants snacks from Canada instead. Shay Mitchell can't live without Canadian snacks

If you follow Shay Mitchell on any social media platform, then you’d know she’s a die-hard Canadian. The Pretty Little Liars actress may have a home now in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t stop her from eating food from Canada. On her YouTube channel a couple of years back, Shay told her fans what her 20 favourite foods were from Canada. It seems like nothing has changed.

In an Instagram story yesterday, Shay admitted that she makes her friends bring her Canadian treats when they come and visit her. In the video, her friend can be seen holding Smarties, Ruffles all dressed chips and Lay's ketchup chips. Can we all agree that these are the most Canadian snacks ever? You can view the video screenshot below:

[rebelmouse-image 25933931 photo_credit="shaymitchell | Instagram Story" expand=1 original_size="750x1334"]

In the video, the caption reads, “Canadian homies always coming thru with the goods”. In the background of the video, Shay says, “I’m sorry, this is what us fellow Canadians have to do. We gotta import the goods! We got Smarties, we got all dressed, and ketchup!” Seriously, friendship goals!

In her video from a few years ago, the above items also made the list. What else made the list was: Tim Hortons coffee and Timbits, Lay's dill pickle chips, Canada Dry ginger ale, Swiss Chalet, a ton of Maynard’s candy, and more! You can view the video below where she declares her love for Canadian treats, and no matter how long she lives in Los Angeles for, she’ll always be one of us.

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